The MasterCharts: A #chart says it all #Apple Earnings - The Hangover #MasterTech $AAPL
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A #chart says it all #Apple Earnings - The Hangover #MasterTech $AAPL

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Apple Earnings - The Hangover

While immediately after earnings, we were treated to a plethora of self-justifying talking heads exclaiming how wonderful the worst news was, how positive the future looked, how leveraged dividends were great, and how awesome iPhones 5S sales will be inevitably; it seems the market (which one bright chap noted 'must know something' when the stock was soaring) is now testing its recent lows... The selling appears to have started once Tim Cook began pitching the future as opposed to discussing the current state of affairs. AAPL has dropped almost 9% from its overnight highs and is near 17 month lows.


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