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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Declines in Conception Rates Predict U.S. #Recessions HT @WSJ

New research suggests that the declines in conception growth (fewer pregnancies) are a reliable predictor of US recessions.

Source: @kevinrinz, @Kasey_Buckles; Read full article

 "for recent recessions in the United States, the growth rate for conceptions begins to fall several quarters prior to economic decline. Our findings suggest that fertility behavior is more forward-looking and sensitive to changes in short-run expectations about the economy than previously thought." 

Here is the comparison against the unemployment rate.

Source: @kevinrinz, @Kasey_Buckles; Read full article

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

There’s One Job Opening for Every Unemployed American-highest level in decades @WSJ

The @wsj reports in its Daily Shot:

(not seasonally adjusted)


1. Let's begin with some updates on the labor markets which continue to tighten.

• The latest reports show that we now have one job opening for every unemployed American. This ratio is at the highest level in decades. 

The quits rate remains at post-recession high, suggesting confidence in the job market.


Job openings in wholesale trade dipped by most in a decade. A temporary blip?


2. Prime-age labor force participation among American men has been declining since the 1950s.

Source: @jeannasmialek, @josephncohen; Read full article


3. The percentage of unincorporated self-employed Americans continues to trend lower. Everyone has an LLC/S-corp these days?


Friday, September 22, 2017

#Canada Positioned for Catch-Up to World Markets as #TSX seen breaking out to new all time highs $TSX

#TSX Composite: Breaking Above Key Resistance


-          The TSX Composite is breaking above the February downtrend and reclaiming the 200-day moving average.

-          The move confirms the bullish divergence in momentum indicators since June and marks the end to the recent correction.

-          Initial upside measures back to the 2017 highs.


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

#VIX - Volatility Index - Just another warning of things to come

The attached long term chart of the 
Volatility Index tells it all. It has touched the lowest level in history. What comes after is always the same thing, however, remember this is a long term chart.


The daily chart (attachment 2) shows how fast this index can move from one day to another

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

#Gold Stocks: Focus on Leadership

Focus on Leadership Within the Gold Industry from Paradigm Capital 

Highlighting leadership names within the gold industry. Common characteristics include price above the 200-day moving average, relative uptrend versus the TSX Global Gold Index, and 50-day moving average > 200-day moving average. With Gold coming into converging resistance along the 2017 highs and 2011 downtrend, we continue to recommend sticking with leadership names.



Intermediate Producers:

-          Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.

-          Centerra Gold Corp.

-          IAMGold Corp.

-          Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.

-          OceanaGold Corp.


Junior Producers:

-          Alio Gold Inc.

-          Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.


Royalty Co's:

-          Franco-Nevada Corp.

-          Aurico Metals Inc.



-          Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.

-          Victoria Gold Corp.




Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.:





Centerra Gold Inc.:





IAMGold Corp.:





Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.:





OceanaGold Corp.:





Alio Gold Inc.:





Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.:





Franco-Nevada Corp.:





AuRico Metals Inc.:





Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.:





Victoria Gold Corp.: